This is my first massage therapy experience, what is going to happen?

Your first visit will include a review of your health history and a conversation about your goals around your massage therapy plan.  We will observe how you carry your body (or does your body carry you?) and we’ll likely ask you to move in order to observe your current range of motion and strength which we can use to create a baseline to chart your progress with future visits.  During the massage we invite questions and feedback on your comfort and only the areas that we are treating will be uncovered during the massage with a sheet and blanket covering your body for warmth and modesty.  To optimize your results we have over 17 years of experience and we are regularly expanding our practical and academic knowledge to support the most recent scientific evidence.

Other than feeling better, what happens after the massage therapy session?

Occasionally there is some post-treatment soreness that may last a day or two and it may feel similar to muscle soreness after a workout.  These are normal sensations and may be relieved with a bit of ice/heat or some stretching and after the soreness dissipates you will probably feel less tight and sore than before your appointment.  To get to your goal and as part of your continuing care we will probably suggest some movements to practice and you can let us know if they are working for you on your next visit.

I need to cancel or change my appointment!

We have reserved our time for you and we ask for at least 24 hours notice for time changes or cancellations.  Appointments that we can’t fill due to a late cancellation will be subject to a “late cancellation fee”.  Life is hectic but please call us so we can make arrangements and keep you on track.  If you have cold or flu symptoms and it’s been less than 10 days since the onset of signs and symptoms we may ask that you postpone your visit.  Let’s stay safe!